About The People’s Truck

The Peoples Truck had its first year in 2011.

The brainwave of McMahons Transport’s owner, Derek McMahon, the concept allows the general public to buy sign writing space on the side of a truck.

Derek ‘hands over’ a truck from his own fleet to the general public; the people of the Illawarra and beyond. It becomes their truck, traveling in ‘Convoy’ to represent themselves in support of Illawarra Convoy.


In both 2011 and 2012 the Peoples Truck was the fourth highest bidder in the auction for lead truck, and therefore travelled with the starting trucks of the convoy. This is a sought after position given to those companies/organisations raising and donating the most money towards convoy.

Many people who have donated find the truck, search for their names and have photos taken. For businesses who have donated, it is a wonderful tax deductible form of advertising.

For the past two years two sick children have travelled ‘Convoy’ in the Peoples Truck. This allows them to experience first-hand the interior of the truck, its engine noise, the all-important truck horn, the UHF radio and to look out at the show of support lining the streets for them. 100% of all money raised by the Peoples Truck is donated to Illawarra Convoy

McMahons Transport meets all promotional and administrative costs involved in the organisation of the Peoples Truck.

Convoy for Kids 2014

Convoy for Kids 2014

Derek McMahon Convoy for Kids 2014

The People's Truck Lead Truck 2014

The People's Truck 2014

Many people choose to throw coins in a bucket instead of making a registered donation to the Peoples Truck. The money from the ‘cash buckets’ is accumulated and goes towards having the names of the sick children on Camp Quality Illawarra’s roll sign written on the truck.