These products have been assessed according to the impact test procedure described in Australian Standard: AS 4422:2016.

The preferred products of our Local Government & School clients, our Softfall approved mulches are quality controlled, clean and fine free, they are safe to handle and provide the ideal impact-absorbing Playground surfacing. All Australian Standards and Education Department guidelines are adhered to. Our experienced customer service department can answer all your questions on 4256 8887. We’ll make your next Playground project a success.

Our Softfall approved 10mm Pine Bark is a playground mulch made from premium A-Grade virgin pine bark, which is sourced as a raw material from pine sawmills in New South Wales. It is then delivered to our site and fed into a tub grinder to produce the final product, which is then screened for the removal of fines. It is a premium bark with a deep rich brown colour that is extremely attractive in all types of gardens. Additionally, it keeps soils moist and fertile, providing nutrients and drainage to plants and is an ideal mulch for suppressing weeds.

Our Softfall approved Eucy Mulch is our specialist and most popular product, manufactured on our site. A natural and environmentally friendly by-product of the hardwood timber mill industry. It is extremely long-lasting and is readily available in large quantities.

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